42/365 ain't bad.

Almost exactly a year ago, I started playing with a 'real' camera and fell in love with it. I started a '365 project' where each day I would take a picture of something. It lasted a good 42 days until the cold, dark, rainy Portland evenings spent with my cat and dog got to me and I began to feel uninspired, but I still really like the idea. Recently, 365 married both gratitude and Instagram and now 365 grateful Instagram photography projects have emerged with popularity. This sort of formalized project is a bit much for me as it turns out, and regardless, pretty much everything I point my camera at (>365 things)  is something I am grateful for.  Anyways, this was from the start of 2013 and I like it because, yes, I'm grateful for backpacking.

Winter backpacking on the Bright Angel trail, Grand Canyon National Park. We continued onto Tonto trail, explored some caves, and got caught in a bunch of snow resulting in a home stretch road walk.