American Birkebeiner: How many more k?

It was my second year in a row doing the American Birkebeiner (a 54 km cross-country ski race) and I got my butt kicked so much worse than last year. A rescheduled flight,  super bad roads, 3 hours of sleep, 2 meals of Micky D's in a row, slow snow, less training with the low snow year thus far in Oregon, a bad head cold, and persistent nausea from swallowing so much snot during the race. I almost quit about 80 times and am still shocked I finished. Here's a pic from the pretty finish line last year-- I was not in the condition to take photos this year.  Next year is my comeback! So much great small town support, friendly and enthusiastic skiers and some rowdy folks along the course (in the middle of nowhere) to cheer people on.