Ice climbing Crown Jewel

When I first visited Crown Point (via car on the road) back as a tourist to Oregon in 2008, I never imagined that someday I would return to it via the ice route below it, which, 1. I didn't know existed, 2. I NEVER dreamed I'd do. Fast forward 6 years, one big move from Louisiana and a ton of time outside in between, and today I got there via ice (and with a relatively fearless leader to drag me up it.) The roads were terrible, so sadly I didn't get to see all the tourists at the top to make the nostalgia complete. Ice was thick at the bottom, and the top was much like climbing a slushie with a hose running down your, uh, fun. We opted for the walk off because the rappel off seemed a little dubious, although in retrospect I probably would've taken it instead because the trash-filled steep snow gully got kinda old (however, I do know where to get a used shopping cart now.)