A dedication to my dad in the kitchen.

My dad's life is chronically stressed by trips to the grocery store to pick up random ingredients that my mom is missing for things she is concocting in the kitchen. He frequently laments the innumerable choices that he is forced to make. It's just so hard to figure out! Anyways, this quote made me think of him. The toughest part for me was finding a good lookin' winter tomato. 

The darkest day of winter goes to...

... Saturday. Congrats Saturday, you really outdid yourself. Better winter weather here now, but kind of a crap day which brings me a quote which certainly doesn't apply to Saturday in its literal sense(so many clouds!), but I try to make it apply to bad days in its poetic sense. Quote haters, this quote overlay is for you (you know who you are.) Is it the weekend yet?