Sauvie Island Saturday

My trail run and paddle this morning was interrupted by flowers + bees + berries at Sauvie Island Farm. I had forgotten what a wonderful, quiet escape this whole island is, even given its close proximity to Portland and can't wait to return with more time on my hands to enjoy this place. Berries, peaches, lavender, fresh eggs, grazing sheep, quiet beach goers, and cyclists were just a few of the sites this morning while the day settled in.  Miss W and I ran, picked, paddled and let some houseboat jealousy sink right in. 

Annabelle's Boat Ride

Miss A is an old pup with a huge heart. I think we nearly drove her nuts on Thursday's boat ride with 7(!) women for the little herder in her to keep track of. Jumping in the water, tubing, not chasing the waves like we should be, and making her jump to mom were just a few of her stressors but all-in-all she looks like she ended up having a pretty good time.